Ford gives emergency support for Port Tunnel users

The Dublin Port Tunnel operator has just taken delivery of a new fleet of emergency vehicles comprising five specially adapted Ford models – two Focus Estates and three Transit vans.

The new vehicles will work on a 24-hour basis, patrolling the tunnel, and in the case of an incident, will be available to respond and provide emergency assistance to users of the Port Tunnel.

The new Ford support vehicles have been specially adapted with emergency lighting and response equipment. The new emergency vehicles will provide a first line of support for any incidents or accidents inside and in the environs of the Port Tunnel.

The drivers who man the new Ford emergency vehicles receive special training in order to provide a first line of emergency help for any incidents they might encounter. The vehicles are equipped with a range of emergency lighting to highlight the scene of an incident to oncoming motorists. On board equipment also includes first aid supplies, fire extinguishers, and a range of tools.



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