Stop for good with help from Boots

Boots has launched a free stop smoking service, Stop for Good, aimed at those who are thinking about or who have decided to stop smoking.

Boots Stop for Good is a three-month, four-step programme incorporating one-to-one support and advice. The service involves an initial meeting with a Boots Stop for Good advisor, at which the customer’s smoking habits are discussed and assessed. If the customer feels he or she is ready to stop smoking, the advisor will help develop a personalised plan. Support materials for Stop for Good include smoking diaries in which customers can record their feelings about smoking, helpful tips to increase the chances of success, and information on potential obstacles and barriers.

Customers taking part in Stop for Good will also have their carbon monoxide levels monitored using a simple breath test. The amount of carbon monoxide, a harmful chemical inhaled into the lungs in tobacco smoke, will drop when smoking is stopped. By monitoring carbon monoxide levels participants can see for themselves the tangible benefits of stopping smoking as well as keeping track of their progress.

Speaking at the launch of the service, director of Boots Ireland, Rhys Iley, said, “Giving up smoking is the single most effective thing people can do to improve their health and, while many smokers can give up smoking without any support, many others would benefit from additional advice or support. Availing of a support resource such as Boots Stop for Good can have a significant impact on the rate of success compared to going it alone. Boots staff are ready to welcome individuals who wish to give up smoking or those who are considering giving up.”

Further information on Stop for Good can be found at your local Boots store or by visiting



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