Pig out in Roscommon Town Centre

As part of Roscommon Arts Centre’s Inside Out programme of events this summer there is an enormous pig is making its way to the town this August.

Pig is a 30 foot long sleeping sow which you can catch snoozing in Roscommon Town centre this August 21 and 22. Put on your piggy tails and pop your head inside the snuffling sow to watch a 10 minute show full of surprises. See her snuffles and hear her snores as the farm-hand invites you to peek inside her belly.

Pig is a unique show guaranteed to capture the imagination of all the family, from Whalley Range Allstars, a company who excel at presenting vivid, imaginative performances in unexpected places.

The Whalley Range All Stars were formed over a quarter of a century ago by Edward Taylor and Sue Auty, both of whom had previously worked in Amsterdam. Since then they have created over 60 different events in a variety of forms from small scale to large scale theatre shows, gallery exhibitions, and educational residencies.

The main emphasis of The Whalleys’ work is the combination of performance with visual art techniques. They have toured extensively all over the world including Ireland, Britain, France, Spain, Russia, Germany, Luxembourg, Holland, Belgium, Denmark, Czech Republic, Portugal, Austria, Brazil, Canada, USA, Oman, Australia, Taiwan, and Singapore.

Pig combines a striking image on the outside which is comically enhanced by the little piglets, the public, who experience a short unexpected piece of the theatre. The show is designed for children but like all the company’s work it is suitable for all ages.

No booking – just queue up to see this fantastic and unusual show. For more information contact (090 ) 6625824.



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