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HSE continues to monitor ‘contacts’ of third level students with TB

No new cases of tuberculosis have been identified in the city since last month when three third level students were diagnosed with the bacterial infection.

Students diagnosed with tuberculosis in the city

Three students have been diagnosed with tuberculosis recently at two third level colleges in the city. Two are attending NUI Galway and one is a student at GMIT.

Number of mumps cases swelling in Galway, warns HSE as figures double

An upsurge in the number of mumps cases, mainly among men in the 17 to 24 year age group, has been reported in Galway.

Visiting restrictions at UHG due to winter vomiting bug

Visiting restrictions are in place at University Hospital Galway due to a number of winter vomiting bug cases at the facility.

Get flu jab, urges HSE West public health chief

Many people in the at risk groups for flu put themselves in danger of contracting a serious illness or even death by failing to get vaccinated, the HSE West’s director of public health warned this week.

Flu vaccination service at Boots

Boots Pharmacy Athlone are delighted to be offering a Winter Flu Vaccination Service.

HSE warns one thousand people could die from flu related illnesses

People aged over 65, pregnant women and residents of nursing homes are some of the at risk group whom the HSE West is urging to get vaccinated against flu this season.

New campaign highlights that antibiotics are ineffective for colds and flus

The HSE have launched their annual antibiotic awareness campaign, and the ads are now running on national and local radio stations highlighting the fact that it is pointless taking antibiotics for cold and flus.

Reach your desired weight

Permanent obesity can lead to serious illness. Therefore many people have tried to reduce weight using several diets, mostly successful for the moment. Unfortunately after finishing the diet, weight is gained again, often much more than before.

Through the glass darkly

Those who have been forced through serious illness – I am thinking now of cancer - to confront and acknowledge the existence within them of a mindless ‘malignancy’, whose baneful efflorescence aims at their damage or destruction, will, at some point, be faced with the burden of finding some way to cope with this dark knowledge.


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