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Hay fever relief with Care Cure Acupuncture

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While summer certainly brings a pleasant burst of bloom and colour to nature, it can bring gloom for many who suffer the annoying and often, misery inducing, symptoms of hay fever.

Acupuncture could help hay fever and sinus problems

The root cause of hay fever and sinus problems could be treated with Chinese medicine, according to therapists at Care Cure Acupuncture.

Tackling hay fever with Chinese medicine

Care Cure Acupuncture believes that hay fever and sinus problems are caused by an imbalance in the lung and kidney meridians/channels.

Do food intolerances cause eczema?

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“Frustrated parents, along with irritated children, presenting with itchy, red, bleeding, and puss-filled skin sores are cases we see all too often at The Liosbaun Clinic,” according to Yvonne O' Shaughnessy, nutritionist and leading food intolerance specialist at the clinic. “The occurrence of eczema in children is far more prevalent nowadays, and I see it being related mainly to diet but also other environmental factors a lot of the time.”

Aid pregnancy with Care Cure Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine

Care Cure Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine clinic believes that a lot of conditions associated with pregnancy arise from low stomach energy. Traditional Chinese medicine practitioners aim to strengthen the energetic function of the stomach meridian and correct any underlying problems.

Relieve hay fever and sinus with Care Cure Acupuncture

For many summer can be a worrying time, bringing with it sudden attacks of sneezing, blocked noses, itching of the roof of the mouth, and red, watery, and itchy eyes.

E45 is foundation partner of the newly formed Irish Skin Foundation

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E45, the number one selling brand for eczema in Ireland, has announced the brand becoming a foundation partner with the Irish Skin Foundation.

Tackle athlete’s foot at Whelehans

Athlete’s foot is one of the most common problems that the chiropodist in Whelehans Pharmacy gets asked about. Whelehans now has a chiropodist in store two days per week and has a reduced rate of €25 if you are aged over 60.

New family remedy cream offers a quick fix for skin problems

Human+Kind has created an all-in-one family skin saviour, Human+Kind all in one family remedy cream.

Some traditional herbal remedies

Insomnia: Calcium/ magnesium+D, B complex, valerian and hops complex, oat or camomile tea before bedtime. One teaspoon molasses and honegar in warm water or milk before bedtime. Sepia is useful when you feel dragged down and for hormonal imbalances.

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