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Regular check-ups are the key to good dental health

Do you think of your dentist as an ‘emergency room’ where you will only go if you have an excruciating toothache? The economy has made everyone cost conscious, but it is important that people do not cut corners on dental health. When it comes to dentistry, short-term cost cutting measures may actually lead to higher costs in the future. Regular check ups and dental cleanings help people save on costlier treatment in the long run because your dentist can help prevent problems or treat them before they become complicated and costly to fix.

Simple steps for looking after your smile from Roscam Family Dental Practice

At Roscam Family Dental Practice Dr Neysan Chah believes that prevention is one of the best cures and that you are never too young (or old) to start caring for your smile. With that in mind here are three simple steps to help keep your smile looking its best.

Good dental hygiene boosts overall health

A question often asked by dental patients is: ‘Is it really necessary to have my teeth cleaned?’

Healthy eating and nutrition for strong teeth and alveolar bone

Alveolar bone makes up the part of your jaw that surrounds each of your teeth. The connective tissue, collagen, periodontal ligaments and alveolar bone together hold each tooth in place so you can chew your food without fear of loosening or losing teeth. Nutrients from your diet affect both your alveolar bone and your teeth, and consuming specific nutrients can help maintain the heath of these tissues.

Healthy gums are a must for our overall health

Research is ongoing, but red, swollen, and bleeding gums may point to health problems such as heart disease and diabetes. Healthy gums are a physical barrier designed to stop bacteria entering the body. When gums are unhealthy, bacteria from the mouth may enter the bloodstream, setting off an inflammatory reaction elsewhere. Left untreated, gum disease can increase the risk of a host of diseases linked to inflammation. Certain diseases and medications may also cause problems in the mouth, which is why an annual check-up with your dentist is recommended.

The tooth-body connection

Ever seen a reflexology chart, or an iridology chart? It should come as no surprise then that there are points within our jawbones—at specific tooth sites—that correspond to areas of the entire body, as well.

The mouthpiece

At any given time four out of every five adults suffer from gum disease. Gum disease is never cured, it is only controlled by attention to detail and removal of plaque on a daily basis. However if caught in the early stages it is entirely possible to control the progress of this endemic problem and keep your smile for life.

How to prevent tooth decay in children

September is Oral health month so now is a great time to get back into some healthy habits. Tooth decay is the most common chronic disease in Irish children. Fortunately, tooth decay is preventable and this is an achievable aim for Irish children.

Treating gum disease

What is Gum Disease?

Something to make you smile

Are you sick of having yellow and stained teeth? Like most people, you have probably vowed at some point to get your teeth whitened but remain unconvinced that your money will be well spent. After all, the costs can range from €10 for simple whitening toothpaste to as much as €1,200 for a de luxe laser treatment.

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