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How to create a healthier home

Do you suffer from unexplained headaches, itchy eyes, a streaming nose, or a lack of energy? Do you find you are unable to shake off this feeling of lethargy? If more sleep, a better diet, a healthier lifestyle, and guidance from your GP does not make things better, perhaps the answer lies closer to home. In fact, it may lie within your four walls.

Greenhouses ideal for growing fresh organic fruits and vegetables

Organic Garden specialises in the production and assembly of high- quality polycarbonate polytunnels.

BMW guide towards daily car maintenance during COVID-19

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With many cars not in daily use, BMW are providing a useful guide to ensuring customers cars remains in working order. Most of this advice would apply to other makes/marques too.

4 Great Reasons to Invest in a Heat Recovery Unit

There is a constant push towards more energy efficiency nowadays, and more homeowners are making it a priority. And to meet energy efficiency standards, heating and ventilation have to be part of the equation.

Drivers warned to prepare vehicles for winter

Irish drivers have been urged to get their vehicles ready for winter, or face uncomfortable, and even dangerous journeys in the cold.

Tips for saving energy and money in winter

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Unfortunately, it is coming into the time of year where we must start thinking seriously about keeping our home warm for the winter. There is nothing worse than sitting in the cold and it is important we use the most economical fuel available to keep heating costs down over the cold period. The reality is that Ireland, unfortunately, gets cold in the winter and fuel is big business.

Style of windows creating an identity for your home

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One way to instantly identify the historical style of a home is by its windows.

New year, deep clean

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We are now in the middle of February and life for many of us has settled back down into the regular routine after the Christmas rush.

Clever children’s green way to keep windscreen clean

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It is an idea that could one day help save billions of litres of water. Instead of simply wiping raindrops off our car windscreens, why not collect and reuse the water via the washer jets?

A glimpse back into an Ireland we deny knowing

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Sometimes we imagine we are further removed from depravity that we actually are.

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