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 Mulherin wants up to date report on Ballina estates

Mayo Fine Gael election candidate, Councillor Michelle Mulherin, is demanding answers from Ballina Town Council on its progress in taking in charge private housing estates in the town.

Ballina councillors to get progress report on estates

The elected members of Ballina Town Council are to get an up to date progress report on the situation regarding the take over of estates in the town following a motion proposed by Fine Gael councillor Michelle Mulherin this week. Cllr Mulherin told the meeting there are a number of estates in the town that have a variety of issues to be sorted out before the council will take them in charge, and that the members do not know what these issues are. She said that it gets frustrating when residents come to councillors for advice and to see how things are progressing. “We need a baseline to work from, so we can ascertain where these estates stand at the present,” she said.

Ballina to become more pedestrian friendly

Ballina could become a much more pedestrian friendly town if a motion by Fianna Fáil councillor Johnny O’Malley is implemented.

Athlone squeezes extra €40k from budget for good causes

After three hours of listening and debate, Athlone Town Council was still able to find an additional €40,000 from the town’s budget at the annual meeting on Tuesday for a number of worthy causes around the town.

Councillors concerned about speeding in Ballina estates

A number of members of the Ballina Joint Policing Committee have reported receiving representations from a number of residents and residents’ associations about speeding in estates in the town.

Driver education needed on pedestrian crossings in Ballina

The ongoing issue of motorists not giving pedestrians the right of way when crossing at Cathedral Road was discussed at the December meeting of the Ballina Joint Policing Committee this week.

Ballina councillors welcome takeover of Woodlands estate

The elected members of Ballina Town Council welcomed the news that the council was taking over Woodlands, Kilmoremoy and paid particular praise to the wife of the late developer of the estate for her efforts to have the estate taken in charge by the council.

Ballina council pursues owners of derelict sites

Ballina Town Council is actively pursuing the owners of derelict sites in the town and levying a charge against the buildings when the owners do not comply with orders against them, the monthly meeting of Ballina Town Council was told.

Second stage of Ballina traffic management plan to kick in

The second stage of the Ballina traffic management plan will be implemented at the end of the month with a number of changes in the direction that traffic may travel on streets in the town. The new management plan, which is the second phase of the development, will come into effect on Wednesday September 29 at 8am. The plan is aimed at discouraging through-traffic from the centre of the town when it has no business in the town. Streets that will be affected include Tone Street, Hill Street, Casement Street, and O’Rahilly Street. Traffic on O’Rahilly Street, Hill Street, Connelly Street, and Tone Street will now move in the opposite direction than it did previously, with Casement Street, Bridge Street, and a portion of Market Street becoming one-way only.

Bachelors Walk jetty to remain in place

Following a long and protracted debate going back to 2007, the members of the Ballina Town Council decided to keep the jetty located at Bachelors Walk in the town. In 2007 Fianna Fáil Councillor Willie Nolan had a notice of motion supported to remove the jetty, however nothing had happened on it up to a number of months ago when the councillor raised the issue once again. At the March meeting of the local authority the elected members asked town engineer Michael O’Grady to complete a report on the jetty and to recommend either to remove or retain the jetty. In his report Mr O’Grady outlined that the jetty itself was in good condition, and that while some work would have to be done on the deck of the jetty it was in very good condition and had cost very little to maintain since it was constructed in 1983 at a cost of €28,000, with only €3,450 being spent on the decking in 2004. He also said regarding safety concerns around the jetty that by its nature it is a dangerous place as it is intended as an access point to the water. He went on to say that to upgrade the jetty would cost an initial estimate of €6,710 but, that was only an initial estimate. Other costs could be found when work was commenced on the removal, and an appropriate assessment would have to be carried out on it by the Parks and Wildlife department, and that cost had not been factored in. Mr O’Grady recommended the retention of the jetty by the council. Six of the eight members present favoured retaining the jetty, with Cllr Nolan and Independent councillor Gerry Ginty calling for its removal. Issues of anti social behaviour in the area had been cited as a reason for removing the jetty. Most of the councillors agreed however that it would be a bad day for the town if they had to remove a piece of infrastructure because of anti social behaviour and said that it was not the jetty which was causing the anti social behaviour.


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