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Attractive residence boasting enviable location offers numerous attributes

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Villasaeta, Coosan Point Road,

­Through the glass darkly

People grow less self-aware the more self-absorbed they become. An explanation for this apparent incongruity would be that genuine self-awareness entails the overcoming or transcendence of the self. The principle of self-denial, so foundational to Buddhism or asceticism more broadly, exemplifies this ancient piece of wisdom. Enlightenment demands a degree of perspective or proportion that brings with it an eclipse of the self and invites a humbling and liberating self-awareness.

The power of self-belief

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Do you ever tell yourself that you are the architect of your destiny? That you have the power to realise your ambitions, fulfil your deeply cherished dreams, and be the person you were meant to be.

RCSI launches free course on health and happiness for evolving teenagers

A new course aimed at giving young people the skills to optimise their health and well-being has been launched by the Centre for Positive Psychology and Health at RCSI University of Medicine and Health Sciences.

Parents are encouraged to restore sleep routine as children make school return

With school and a return to routine for families most imminent, safefood, the HSE, and Healthy Ireland are encouraging parents to get bedtime back on track as the key to starting their children on the way to a healthier life for their return to school.

Trading Faces Stage School & Casting Agency

According to Claire Power, artistic director with Trading Faces, young performers have suffered greatly in the last 18 months. They need to breathe and create again. Their personal development and self esteem have been severely compromised. Taking part in acting, singing, and dancing workshops will boost confidence, in a fun environment.

'Getting to Know...' Annamaria Nic Dhonnacha, Ros na Rún

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What is your idea of perfect happiness?

‘Anxiety was regular and my self esteem non-existent,’ Athlone native recalls

One’s formative years are laden with developmental perspectives of the environment in which they inhabit.

‘Exoticness, adventurousness, and curiosity’

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“EARLY MUSIC is linked with the history and heritage of Galway. It’s exotic in some cases, and it has that adventurousness and curiosity that appeals to us about what music was then, how it sounded, and how people played it. Above all, it’s simply just good music.”

Permission to Prioritise You

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Have you ever been in a position where you want to make a positive impact on your overall well being, only to struggle to find that ‘balance’ due to work, family or social life?


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