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Evenings at McCambridge’s

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McCambridge’s is one of my favourite shops. Not a week passes that I do not go in for something special. You can easily put together a wonderful lunch, maybe some grilled artichokes, artisanal cheese, or organic salmon on the freshest of brown bread. An evening meal is just as easily assembled with confit duck legs and something from the salad bar. There are the ever popular sandwiches from the counter to be eaten by the surging waters of the Corrib on a sunny day.

Herterich’s and Front Door combine for new twist on old favourite

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Herterich Pork Butchers, a fourth generation artisan butchers b ased in Lombard Street, have been a fixed part of the Galway community since the opening of their doors in 1940. Their award winning sausages are always made in house with the freshest locally sourced ingredients.

Crafty Kiltimagh butcher wins best bangers crown

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A small butcher shop in Kiltimagh is on the pig’s back after winning a top national award for its homemade, spicy, Italian sausages.

Healthy BBQs made easy

Orla Brady, Community Dietitian, HSE

The Book Shelf...

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Lorenz Books is without doubt one of the best publishers of glossy, picture-led, cookery books that generally have more than one photograph per recipe. Already this year it has published titles such as 500 Sensational Salads and 30-Minute Cookbook, offering much of what this particular publication is very good at providing. Thus, we have more than 500 pages of colourful, succinct, recipes that are enticing and easy to follow, beginning with an introduction that sets out the editor’s manifesto and the notion of clever cooking: The idea of buying and using ingredients that will enable the reader to create a fabulous meal for less than what it would cost to buy an ordinary sandwich in the shops.

The breakfast roll gets a modern makeover

Whether you love to cook, or just love to eat, there are plenty of great foodies on Twitter that you can follow. From celebrity types you would recognise from the television to professional chefs, bloggers, and restaurant critics, many food lovers are tapping into Twitter’s real-time network to offer up recipes, promote products, and recommend restaurants or otherwise. You can get an inside look at life in the kitchen, or just feast your eyes on other people’s lunches. Most of the food community in Ireland have embraced Twitter also. And yes, I myself engage in the occasional tweet (I know you are not supposed to talk to strangers on the internet, but this is different. Honest!) as do a lot of other Irish food bloggers — there are about 600 of us, believe it or not

Ballyheane butcher wins top awards for sausages

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Ballyheane butcher Clive Lavelle has continued on a winning streak for his famous sausages.

On the butcher’s block

Seamus Bracken is a great man to discuss the preparation and delivery of a great steak, particularly if it’s a well cooked rib-eye which he describes as “pure heaven” with just the right amount of fat.. “It’s an absolutely gorgeous tender piece of meat if it’s been cooked beautifully. And, it’s a piece I would drive miles to appreciate.”

New deals for spring at Seamus Bracken Butchers

Seamus Bracken Butchers, Mullingar has a number of new products for you to try this spring, with Kilbeggan Organic porridge and Donegal Rapeseed Oil now available to buy. You can also sample a selection of delicious products from Moyallon, including red pepper relish, savoury onion marmalade, hot chilli pickle, spicy fruit chutney, and country relish.

Breakfast time at The Prince Bar

The Prince Bar are firm believers that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. As such they are delighted to welcome on board Lawlors Butchers, based here in Athlone, who supply all their sausages, pudding, and bacon. They also use free range eggs in all their breakfast dishes, supplied by Corrib free range eggs.


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