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Find out what foods are making you sick, tired, and overweight through food intolerance testing

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What foods turn off your metabolism? The Health and Nutrition Coach offers blood analysis to help you find out.

Overweight? Don’t just accept it, lose it

Daniel was just 15 when he embarked on his life-changing journey. It was not going to be an easy one as he had tried and failed several times. However, at almost 29st, he needed to try once more. He was not able to enjoy life the way a teenager should.

What foods are making you tired, bloated, and overweight?

There is no secret potion, shake, or pill that will help you lose weight faster than boosting your metabolism. But do you know what foods speed up your metabolism and what foods slow it down? Knowing what foods boost or slow your metabolism is now proving through medical research to be the most successful way to lose weight.

How to lose weight

When it comes to weight loss, “how to lose weight” is one of the most searched phrases on Google search. So many overweight people have become totally disillusioned after years of attending weight loss programmes, they wonder if there may be some elusive solution that they have not yet found.

"It is about health and wellbeing, not being skinny"

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There are so many bloggers nowadays, there has never been as much information available about the topics which interest us. And the majority of people are concerned with healthy eating. And as a nation, we certainly need to be, as we are heavier than ever. Scary recent figures indicate that 85 per cent of Irish women will be overweight and 57 per cent obese by 2030 while around 89 percent of Irish men will be classified as overweight, with some 48 per cent obese.

Claremorris weight loss course to boost heart health

The long list of health problems associated with being overweight has been well-chronicled in recent years in the same way the many benefits of healthy weight loss have been highlighted.

Lifelong fitness at The Coast Club

Many ‘stars’ manage to transform their bodies seemingly overnight. Overweight celebrities having been lambasted in the popular entertainment magazines to go from size 16 to size six.

Dr Eva Orsmond -a leading expert in her field

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Dr Eva Orsmond is a leading expert in her field and remains Ireland’s sole private medical practitioner exclusively treating overweight and obesity in adults and children.

University to host conference on obesity

The Health Economics and Policy Analysis research group at NUI Galway will host a one day conference on obesity Friday, 17 January. Obesity is complex, interdisciplinary problem that involves genetics, physiology, the environment, psychology, and economics.

Lifelong fitness at The Coast Club

Many stars manage to transform their bodies seemingly overnight. Overweight celebrities, having been lambasted in the popular entertainment magazines, can go from size 16 to size six (and the male equivalent of a 40” waist to size 32”).


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