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‘This is an important Irish-American immigrant story that hasn’t been told’

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HE WAS a hero and a villain. He was a gang leader who 'terrorised' neighborhoods, yet The New York Times wrote an obituary for him, and he was admired as a staunch supporter and friend of working class and poor Irish immigrants.

Joker - a troubling depiction of Batman's arch enemy

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JOKER, ALSO known as Arthur Fleck, grew up the victim of abuse, and struggles with a type of Tourettes which results in his erupting in involuntary laugher when he is unhappy or uncomfortable.

Jean Butler to dance for Music for Galway

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DANCER JEAN Butler and cellist Neil Martin are set to engage in what The New Yorker called "an intense, affectionate, sometimes flirtatious musical conversation" when they perform their show, This Is An Irish Dance, in Galway.

Paul Muldoon brings his Picnic to the Town Hall

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PAUL MULDOON, the Pulitzer Prize winning Irish poet and former Oxford professor of poetry, librettist for operas, and rock lyricist who has worked with The Handsome Family and Warren Zevon, is coming to Galway.


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