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Mindfulness courses using two therapeutic methods

Rachel Sweetman, Hakomi psychotherapist, is running two more of her very popular certified personal development courses on mindfulness, over 10 Thursdays, starting September 29 in the Downhill House Hotel, Ballina.

Mayo business women develop ‘mindfulness reminders’ for business owners

Striking the balance between mindfulness and management is key to business success, according to SME colleagues Be Rowland and Olwen Dawe. Both businesswomen are established in their own rights – Be runs Mindful Productivity and is a former life coach who now combines her coaching skills and her flair for design to produce a range of mindfully inspired posters and T-shirts which all carry a message. Dawe’s Irish Business Intelligence provides advice to start-ups and SMEs, as well as supporting enterprise projects, blogging, and writing on all things business-related.

Family Centre courses

Create balance in life with a mindfulness course which will take place in the Family Centre, Chapel Street, Castlebar.

Make good use of autumn evenings

Every year the Family Centre in Chapel Street, Castlebar provide over 60 courses and seminars for the community. The courses are focused on a wide variety of topics. Some courses are light and enjoyable and encourage personal development while others are provided as a support to parents and families to help them cope with the ups and downs of family life. Still others provide support to those who are bereaved or for others who want to explore their faith in a deeper way. At a time when many people are under increased pressure this year there is a particular emphasis on helping people to relax and learn mindfulness which is a skill that can serve us all well, especially at times when we are under pressure.

How mindfulness can help with stress

Mindfulness has been described as: ‘paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment and non-judgmentally’. (Dr Jon Kabat-Zinn).

Discovering the loving presence within

Hakomi psychotherapist Rachel Sweetman is now running her popular courses in Castlebar on Wednesday mornings, as well as in Ballina on Tuesday evenings.

Open to the love within

Rachel Sweetman, Hakomi psychotherapist, will run one of her very popular personal development courses in Castlebar, starting on April 22 which will take place in Lough Lannagh village over eight Wednesday mornings, with Sweetman offering a free introductory talk about the course and her work on April 8.

Building up your inner resources for dealing with stress

Do you have wall to wall, floor to ceiling self-help books at home? Each time you see a new title do you think aha ... this one has the answer!

Fashion show in Horkan’s, Turlough

Today (October 2) the new 12,000sq ft extension at Horkan’s Lifestyle and Garden Centre in Turlough will be officially opened with a fashion show taking place to mark the occasion.


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