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Man asked by judge to explain grinding in the woods

A man who was caught with a cannabis grinder at a wooded area at Lynn, Mullingar had to explain to Mullingar District Court how it is used.

Judge tells man to “shape up” after alcohol binge

A man who engaged in a continuous alcohol binge has been warned by Judge Seamus Hughes to “shape up or ship out”.

Judge speaks out over traffic chaos in Mullingar

Mullingar District Court’s judge has described traffic management in the town as chaos.

Man disqualified for being four times over the limit

Judge Neilan commented on an “extremely high reading” of alcohol as he disqualified a Mullingar man for three years for drink-driving.

Nowhere for boy to go, court hears

A Circuit Court judge has refused to suspend the balance of a prisoner’s sentence because there is nowhere for him to go to get the help he needs.

Pavement parking costs woman €750

Though he resisted the temptation when he heard there was a street in Athlone called Preaching Lane, Judge John Neilan didn’t hesitate to issue the maximum fine for illegal parking to a woman who failed to answer her summons this week (February 18).

Serious concerns over man caught with knife

A Mullingar man who pleaded guilty to possession of a kitchen knife has been refused bail and may see a suspended sentence activated.

Man wrecks ex’s home

A man who broke into the home of a person with whom he had previously been in a relationship has been given 11 months detention.

Case dismissed as mother pleased with son’s progress

A Mullingar man has had public order charges against him dismissed under the Probation Act.


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