Man asked by judge to explain grinding in the woods

A man who was caught with a cannabis grinder at a wooded area at Lynn, Mullingar had to explain to Mullingar District Court how it is used.

On September 15 at 7.05pm Garda Kahler and Hannon were on duty when they saw Jason Clyne, 57 Lynn Heights at Lynn.

They noticed the smell of cannabis and saw the metal grinder at Clyne’s feet.

Clyne, who has two previous public order convictions also had €80 cannabis in a bag for his own use and admitted he’d smoked some earlier that day.

He was quizzed by Judge Hughes about his cannabis habits, and said he doesn’t drink or smoke cannabis now.

He had been using the drug for a few years and would use a €50 bag each week he said, but insisted that wasn’t much compared to what other people smoke.

However, he wouldn’t give any information about what other people smoke, except to say that a €50 bag each week is “not a major addiction” and that he was not addicted.

When the judge heard Clyne works in a company that manufactures machine parts, he asked whether the reason his printer had broken down was that Clyne had been using cannabis and had the final say on quality approval.

However, Clyne said he never used the drug while working.

Judge Hughes said Clyne was the first person to come before him who’d had a grinder and wanted to know what it was for.

Clyne said cannabis comes in buds and has to be ground.

“So you were grinding away in a wood,” said the judge who remarked that Clyne appeared very relaxed.

“What can I say?” replied Clyne who admitted he’d been caught red-handed.

If he brings €250 cash for the court poorbox on January 23, Judge Hughes said he will give Clyne the benefit of the Probation Act, leaving him without a conviction for drug possession.


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