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Thai massage — a perfect Valentine’s gift

Thai massage is very relaxing and returns your body to a Zen-like state. At the end of a session, you will feel extremely calm and relaxed and ready to conquer the world.

Holistic and psychic health fair

A holistic and psychic health fair is being held at Bloomfield House Hotel, Mullingar this Sunday, November 9. Aiming to promote healthy living in the full sense, the fair will provide a fantastic opportunity to experience a vast range of holistic therapies and natural products.

Open day at health and herbs for Enable Ireland Galway

Health and Herbs is holding an open day at its premises on Sea Road on Saturday from 12 noon to 4pm in aid of local charity Enable Ireland.

Experience the benefits of healing massage therapies

Experience the many wonderful healing benefits of massage therapy — an ancient art of natural medicine practised for thousands of years — with Helen Momo at Indigo Holistic Healing Centre.

Indian head massage training

Develop techniques to help stimulate the senses by learning the relaxing and invigorating practice of Indian head massage. For many the experience is blissful, deeply relaxing, and calming to the core.

What is natural face lift massage?

Champissage, also known as Indian head massage, is a natural holistic treatment pioneered by Mrs Kundan Mehta of the London Centre of Indian Intl.

Hair, beauty, and sports massage courses at Anne Tobin Beauty College

The Anne Tobin Beauty college is Connacht’s number one hair, beauty, and sports massage college.

Relaxation workshop in Castlebar

“I try to take one day at a time, but sometimes several days attack me at once.” If this feels like you, then you would benefit from attending Tracy Fitzgerald’s sixth relaxation workshop. On this workshop, you would like to learn coping skills to manage stress, as well as learning basic Indian head massage techniques. Helen Clarke from Foxford, describes it as “an informative, inspirational, relaxing day.”

Relaxation workshop in Castlebar

If everyday life is getting you down then take some time out to relax while learning some great stress management techniques. Indian head massage expert Tracy Fitzgerald will help you to master basic Indian head massage techniques for stress management. The session will also include two meditations to clear your mind of all worries.

The chakra goddess workshop

Connecting with the goddess and working with the chakras is a way to connect our body, our minds, and our souls. The goal is to balance our lives and live in a holistic way where equal care is given to body, mind, and soul. On this one day workshop, Tracy Fitzgerald will guide you through information and meditations that you will help you introduce the goddess into your life and balance your chakra system.


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