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Avail of hypnotherapy sessions to alleviate problematic issues

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Boasting a wealth of relevant experience, Paul Gill is a prominent feature within the hypnotherapy business for 17 years.

‘Mindset & Manifest’ workshop in support of Rosabel's Rooms - 1st Feb at The Galway Clinic.

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The secret Celebrities have been using for success, weight loss, anxiety, supporting career goals, personal development and so much more!

Hypnotherapy may help with anxiety disorders

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Hypnotherapy is increasingly being recognised as an effective way to help people suffering from anxiety disorders, according to Michael McGuinness of the Mayo Hypnosis Clinic.

Old patterns are hard to break but hypnotherapy can help

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For many people, the New Year is all about new starts and new thinking.

Hypnotherapy and holistic health

Problems in human beings do not necessarily emerge overnight. They tend to evolve over time. Unresolved emotions or feelings from long ago which have slipped from conscious into subconscious memory, all may have an impact.

Change Sessions – Helping you to confront what is holding you back so that you can move forward

Have you ever felt that your problems are too big to overcome? Conquering those inner demons and loving life again can be done when you turn to Change Sessions.

Quit smoking with hypnosis

Some years back the largest study ever conducted into stopping smoking was undertaken in the USA and published in the New Scientist magazine. It studied everything from willpower, nicotine patches, positive thinking, placebos, chewing gum - and the conclusion was that most of the methods turned out to be hopeless. Hypnosis however came out as the most effective anti-smoking technique. Figures showed that hypnotherapy was 300 per cent more successful than nicotine replacement therapies and 500 per cent more successful than methods that are based on willpower alone.

Feed mind, body, and spirit at The Dancing Soul

The Dancing Soul Wellness Centre in Pearse Street, Athlone has moved from strength to strength since it was opened last November by Julie Parmenter and Martina Breen. Julie works as a psychotherapist with a focus on the body/mind connection, while Martina facilitates creative development workshops and practices as a Gestalt psychotherapist.

Discover a new you

Stress, anxiety, worry, sleep difficulties are common concerns in today’s society. Amanda Walsh at Northwest Therapy and Hypnosis, takes an evidenced based approach; combining cognitive behavioural therapy and clinical hypnotherapy. This integration, referred to as cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy (CBH), uncovered as one of the most evidence based therapeutic interventions, is available today in the field of psychology and psychotherapy.

Fading resolution? Make 2012 your year with hypnotherapy!

Many people wonder what hypnosis really is and how it’s used to help people. The stage shows and movies using the word ‘hypnosis’ give a very false impression. The ‘mind-control’ image that is so useful in a movie script simply doesn’t exist in real life. If it did, hypnotists could control politicians, bankers, and everyone else like puppets and rule the world!


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