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Polycystic ovary syndrome

Dietician Heather Miller, who holds clinics in Balla, Castlebar and Claremorris, discusses Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS).

Choose politicians who have a track record in defending the right to life

Dear Editor,

Pre-baby pampering in Spa Sula

Spa Sula of the Westport Plaza and Castlecourt Hotel Resort is celebrating all yummy mummies by introducing the exclusive Earth Mama Angel Baby Range of organic products, specially created for mums-to-be.

Antenatal course

The Birthwise antenatal and parenting course will be held on Saturday June 12.

If we’re so keen to break away from the Church it’s time to change the law

Next week will see a huge step forward for women’s rights in the UK. For the first time ever, a television commercial will be aired to the nation advertising unplanned pregnancy and abortion advice by a clinic in an effort to confront the long-standing taboo surrounding abortions, and to equally raise awareness of sexual health.

Fertility Beginnings

Fertility Beginnings is a fertility workshop offering a natural approach to enhance your fertility and help you get pregnant.

Treating infertility with Chinese medicine

Chinese medicine has a long tradition of treating infertility in both men and women. Care & Cure acupuncture always brings the most advanced acupuncture techniques from China to Ireland as the company’s Chinese consultants are involved in much scientific research in China.

How acupuncture can help fertility

Starting a family is one of the biggest decisions to make in life, yet having a child is not always easy. Although many spend the first few years of their reproductive lives using contraceptives to avoid pregnancy, when they do want children approximately 12 per cent of couples prove to be infertile.

Call for law to criminalise female genital mutilation

The government is being urged to take further steps to eliminate female genital mutilation by making the practice illegal in Ireland.

Chinese medicine and fertility

There are no easy answers when it comes to fertility, but Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has some answers that are slowly gaining acceptance in Western culture.


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