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Medea - as Gaeilge for the first time

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BETRAYED BY her unfaithful husband; threatened with exile by the King; hunted by her father for killing her brother; wanted in Iolcus for conspiracy to murder - this is Medea.

Brú Theatre's Cleite in Connemara

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CLEITE, THE site-specific theatre piece which fuses sean nós; the Basel masks of French theatre director Jacques Lecoq, and west of Ireland folklore, will be performed in Connemara next week.

Talos - pain, optimism, and indie-pop

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"I'M AN architect. But it’s not my profession. I love making music. At times, I design things…and it’s a welcome release. But music is what I do.” So says Talos who plays Galway this month.

Galway Actors' Workshop to stage Medea

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FIRST PRODUCED in 431BC, Euripides' Medea is one of the major works of western theatre, and it is about to receive a new production in the Town Hall Theatre from the Galway Actors' Workshop.

Sound Of The Sirens 'celestial voices' come to Galway

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SOUND OF The Sirens, the English duo whose music straddles folk, indie, and pop, and who Acoustic magazine described as "two celestial voices weaving over acoustic guitars", play Galway this weekend.

Nutrition and health advice blog from Nestor’s SuperValu

Discover a healthier happier you in 2017 with the help of a new and exciting blog at One of Galway’s best known local supermarkets has teamed up with a highly regarded local nutritional therapist Sinéad Bradbury.

FEAST brings the metal to the Róisín

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MARES OF DIOMEDES, the doom/fuzz/sludge metal band are back in Galway this weekend, having just released a new split record with Copenhagen based purveyors of bleak doom, Dreich.

HSE putting a number of actions in place at Aras Attracta

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After it was revealed last week that HIQA had issued the HSE with an Notice of Proposal to Cancel Registration for Centre 2 at Aras Attracta Swinford, the Mayo Advertiser contacted the HSE looking for a comment on the issue. The HSE did issue a statement, but it was received after the print edition of the paper had gone to the printers.

Sexing up Greek myths and facing down the bank

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THERE ARE those for whom being a poet is, to paraphrase Angela Carr’s fine poem ‘Occupied’, “the new black”. If you are young and fit, all you need do is write long poems about what is going on at street level and wave your arms around when you read them.


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