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Get fit for Santa at Lookfit

Everyone is now looking forward to the Christmas season so why not get a headstart on your New Year’s resolutions by beginning your fitness journey at Lookfit. It uses a gradual step by step approach that will build your confidence in exercise and healthy eating in a way that suits your lifestyle.

A fitter, healthier you at Sásta Athlone

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Tired of going to the gym and getting nowhere fast? Then make a visit to Sásta Athlone, the state-of-the-art health, fitness, and weight loss studio. Sásta is a new and exciting way to achieve a lighter, fitter, and healthier you - for keeps!

Sásta are doing it the right ‘weigh’

Sásta, a popular and rapidly growing Irish health, fitness, and weight-loss franchise are located in Athlone opposite Golden Island shopping centre.

New fitness classes at The Coast Club

There is no better time to get active with The Coast Club’s exciting new fitness classes and attractive new rates. If the gym is not for you and you find it hard to motivate yourself on your own then signing up for one of these fitness classes is a super way to have fun, get fit and feel fantastic.

Fitness through the decades with The Kingfisher Club

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Keeping fit is the key to maintaining physical independence as we age and It’s never too late to start looking after yourself and aiming for a healthier lifestyle. With one of the widest varieties of fitness equipment, classes and programmes, The Kingfisher Club can help with your fitness requirements throughout the decades.

Get fit with yoga core strength and flexibility training

Most fitness fanatics and serious sports people take time off or retire early due to injury. The average age for a footballer to retire from competitive games is just 31. But there is a way too not only prolong your career, but improve your play. Yoga helps to stretch and strengthen the muscles in a safe and extremely enjoyable way.

Health starts at Lough Lannagh

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According to Dannie Cassidy, manager of Lough Lannagh Fitness: “We care, value, and get results for our members” in order for them to “achieve their goals.”


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