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Cinema Review - Fright Night

WITH THE original 1985 film being so iconic and attracting a huge cult following it was a big task to produce a film that would live up to the name of Fright Night, and although there have been mixed reactions, the directing and of course the casting of yummy Colin Farrell helped to make a remake which is a great watch and I will certainly be getting the DVD when it is released.

Cinema Review - Horrible Bosses

Horrible Bosses, a film in which three disgruntled and abused employees take matters into their own hands by planning the murder of their bosses, is a brilliantly funny movie; however, I did expect more.

Cinema Review - X-Men: First Class

As one of the most anticipated movies of the year, especially for Marvel fans who have been practically salivating, it is safe to say that X-Men: First Class has lived up to the hype, providing an experience which is action-packed and engaging while adding something a little different.

Cinema Review - Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

BY GETTING back to basics, recapturing the comedy and the brilliance that saw everyone falling in love with Captain Jack Sparrow, On Stranger Tides brings all the best qualities flooding back with the result that this movie is almost as good as the first, almost.

Cinema Review - Just Go With It

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I lost all love for Adam Sandler films a long time ago, as they all seemed to be the same old thing on endless repeat, however I am willing to re-evaluate my opinion of him as Just Go With It managed to keep the annoying at bay and the hilarious gags coming.

Cinema Review - Black Swan

The world of ballet will never seem the same again as Black Swan, a film which is both beautiful and disturbing, gives us Natalie Portman’s best performance yet as the perfection-seeking ballerina whose dream disintegrates along with her fragile mind.

Cinema Review: Meet The Parents - Little Fockers

Thirty minutes into this third installment of the Meet The Parents franchise I was still waiting to laugh out loud but it never happened, in fact I’m pretty certain that all the good gags were used up in the trailer just to suck you in but then leave you bitterly disappointed.

Cinema Review

HOW WAS 2010 for you? Filmwise? What were the films that excelled, the films that were just a waste of time, and those which failed to live up to all the trailer hype?

Cinema Review: Predators

After a slew of downright dodgy sequels that followed the hugely popular eighties action movie Predator, finally a worthy successor appears in the form of Predators.

Cinema Review - Easy A

Easy A is not like your average high school comedy as the heroine is no sweetheart, in fact she goes all out to go bad, well, to pretend to be by letting the rumour mill spread the word, very quickly, that she has lost her virginity and is now selling certain favours.


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