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Discover the benefits of the ancient art of Tai Chi

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Considered for centuries to be the cultural treasure of China, Tai Chi has now become a gift to the entire world.

Alleviating neck and shoulder pain by professional manipulation and acupuncture

Neck and shoulder pains are common complaints. Some people experience only neck pain or only shoulder pain, while others experience pain in both areas. Other associated symptoms can be headaches, numbness, tingling, poor sleep patterns, or more severe symptoms such as anxiety or depression.

Improve your energy levels with traditional Chinese medicine

If you are feeling low on energy, feel tired often, or never seem to be able to get enough sleep, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) can help.

Tai Chi - The art of balance

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Considered for centuries to be the cultural treasure of China, Tai Chi has now become a gift to the entire world.

Go to Xi'an Street Food for an authentic bite of China

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Chinese cuisine has been a food delight that has long pleased the palates of people throughout Galway and Ireland.

Discover the many benefits of Tai Chi today

Tai Chi, known in China as "Taijiquan", is a martial art created more than 450 years ago, combining deep breathing, Wushu movements, and exercises to increase and balance Qi (energy) flow.

Galway Chinese community to celebrate Year of the Rooster

The Irish Chinese Society Galway will celebrate the Year of the Rooster this weekend by hosting the Chinese New Year Gala 2017 in aid of Cancer Care West. This event will be held on Sunday, February 19 at 12-4 pm at The g Hotel Galway.

Learn about the benefits of Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a centuries-old Chinese practice designed to exercise the mind and body. It is rooted in Chinese meditation, medicine, and martial arts, and combines mental concentration with slow, controlled movements to focus the mind, challenge the body, and improve the flow of what the Chinese call ‘qi’ - the life energy thought to sustain health and calm the mind.

Fun, fizz, and fireworks for Ballina St Patrick’s festival

Coca-Cola is injecting plenty of fizz and pop into this year’s St Patrick’s Day festivities in Ballina as the soft drink has become the main sponsor of the four-day festival celebrating all things Irish.

The Chinese State Circus is coming to Castlebar on Monday

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Recognised as the world’s greatest acrobatic circus, the action-packed Chinese State Circus show Yin Yang is the embodiment of a traditional art form which can trace its history back more than 2,000 years. This stunning production lives and breathes with the enthusiasm of its acrobatic artistes, whose whole lives centre around their skills. The result is the purest, most honest, most abiding and exhilarating people circus that is a true privilege to see. From the very beginning, it is non-stop entertainment, consisting of very impressive human abilities, tricks, and skills. And it will be at the Royal Theatre, Castlebar, on Monday, April 15, for a show starting at 8pm.


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