Councillors want carbon tax postponed

Mullingar councillors are calling on the Government to delay the introduction of a carbon tax on solid fuel, due to come into effect in May.

Cllr Bill Collentine says it will cause “unnecessary hardship on those already struggling”.

“This will affect the most vulnerable people in our society. Almost 30 per cent of people over 60 live alone, many in rural areas, and they depend on solid fuel. All of their bills are increasing - fuel, electricity, water rates. Some houses are not well insulated. Why are we adding a carbon tax?” asked Cllr Collentine.

He said the tax would add an average of €8 in household expenditure per week, or around €32 a month.

“The cost of running a house has increased by €450 per year, at a time when the average income has fallen. A lot of people are going back to solid fuel, and I don’t think we should be putting a tax on solid fuel.”

There was unanimous support from councillors, and a letter is to be issued to Minister for Finance Michael Noonan.



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