Judge shows no time for doctor’s “sick note”

Judge Hughes has described as “a joke” a doctor’s note indicating that a man before the court had an alcohol dependency.

He asked if the 26-year-old father of two had shaken and shivered in front of the doctor and what the basis of the diagnosis was, describing the young man as fit and strong.

Many people with alcohol addiction are older and look 60 when they’re just 40 years old, he told Paul Kenny of Silverdale, Clara in Offaly.

Kenny, who is the sole carer for his daughters aged two and four, admitted he had been aggressive to gardaí on Oliver Plunkett Street, Mullingar in the early hours of October 13 this year.

But he told the court he has an alcohol problem and he needs help.

“It’s not good for me,” he said, describing his relationship with alcohol.

He had been with friends on the night, drank too much, and was asked to leave the area after gardaí on patrol saw him in a very drunken state.

But he ran away towards Dominick Street and pushed his way into a pub where staff were opening the door to let people out.

He then refused to leave and was aggressive to the owner and gardaí and uttered various profanities, Inspector Dermot Drea said.

He became quite aggressive and had to be arrested. He has previous convictions for theft, drug possession, and public order offences.

Solicitor Louis Kiernan said Kenny told him he had issues with alcohol and he’d asked for proof. Hence the certificate before the court.

Kenny has had a very, very tough year, he said.

Judge Hughes said it was time for Kenny to grow up, but gave him until March to make a €400 donation to the court poorbox.

If the money is paid, he’ll get the benefit of the Probation Act, but if not, he will be fined €750.


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