'Baby P’ paediatrician trained in Mullingar

The paediatrician at the centre of the ‘Baby P’ scandal in the UK spent some time in training at the Midlands Regional Hospital, Mullingar, it emerged this week.

Dr Sabah Al-Zayyat worked as a junior doctor under the supervision of consultant paediatricians at the Mullingar hospital for a six-month period from January 1999, and for a subsequent year commencing in July 2001.

The HSE also confirmed that she worked for short periods at a number of other Irish hospitals, including the Midland Regional Hospital in Portlaoise between 2002 and 2004, and was fully registered with the Irish Medical Council.

It is reported that the doctor resides at a house in Brookfield, Mullingar, but that she is currently spending time in England.

Dr Al-Zayyat is under investigation for failing to notice serious injuries, including a broken back, on an abused toddler, identified only as ‘Baby P’. The 17-month-old child died at his London home, just two days after being examined by Dr Al-Zayyat, after suffering months of abuse at the hands of his mother and two men.

The death of ‘Baby P’ has sparked outrage across the UK, and an independent review is to be carried out into the case.

‘Baby P’ had suffered more than 50 injuries to his body; however in spite of bruises to his body on the day of examination, Dr Al-Zayyat decided to postpone a full examination as the child was “miserable and cranky”.

The Saudi-born paediatrician said this week she was in “deep shock” at the toddler’s death. "Like everyone involved in this case, I have been deeply affected by the shocking and tragic circumstances of this young child's death...I will co-operate with any investigation to identify whether lessons can be learned from this case,” she said in a statement.


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