“Bully boy” lucky as nine month sentence postponed

Man barred from local pubs for 12 months

A man who went to the home, and threatened the wife, of a doorman who had ejected him from a nightclub was sentenced to nine months in jail for his “bully-boy tactics” in the Mullingar District Court last week (November 6 ).

The court heard how Steven Hickey (22 ), of Cathedral View, Mullingar, “had come to the attention of door staff” in the Greville Arms Hotel last New Year’s Eve and was ejected.

“He launched a number of kicks at the door and was told to calm down,” Inspector Jarlath Folan told the court. “Later that day he went to the home of Aidan Gilhooly, the doorman involved. The door was opened by the wife of Mr Gilhooly and the defendant made certain allegations about assault. He told Mr Gilhooly he knew where he lived and asked him to come out.”

Defending solicitor, Mr Redmond O’Regan told the court that “There was no sinister motive. The man [Mr Gilhooly] was well known to him prior to these events and he was surprised at being manhandled in such a way.”

“He wishes to apologise to Mr Gilhooly and his wife for calling to his house. His motive was not for retribution but to voice his surprise. He says that on the night in question he was removing the poster of a well-known snooker player who my client had played against. This unfortunate matter has taken on a life of its own.”

However, Judge John Neilan vehemently disagreed. “It is the responsibility of licence holders that troublemakers be identified and removed,” said the judge.

“Something worse happened here. Mr Hickey decided to be judge, jury and executioner, the result of which was that he received nine months in prison to display his vindictiveness and bully-boy tactics there.

“This sort of behaviour cannot be tolerated and thugs like you cannot be allowed. The place for you is in the Midland Prison and you can take on anyone you like there. Bully boy tactics - you can try them on with the bully boys in the Midland Prison.”

Mr O’Regan asked the judge if he would seek a probation report on his client. “There is only one law in the land and it’s not the bully boys and the thugs,” said the judge.

“I’ll certainly look at a report,” he said as he postponed sentencing until May 7 to allow the Probation and Welfare Service (PWS ) time to see whether Hickey was suitable for a community service order.

He also fined Hickey €300 and barred him from all the pubs in the locality for 12 months.

“Learn a bit of manners,” the judge told Hickey. “If you think you can make a problem for people making a living at a legitimate source, you’re sorely mistaken.”


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