Davitt welcomes new work scheme

Cllr Aidan Davitt has welcomed the news that the new Government work opportunity scheme, which includes the Community Services Programme and the Rural Social Scheme, is set to develop further and expand.

“At present there are 2,600 working on the Rural Social Scheme and 2,700 working on the Community Services Programme. The Minister intends to double these places over the coming weeks and give associated funding to complement the schemes,” said Cllr Davitt.

“Locally in Westmeath this is of most interest to communities who benefit from these schemes already as their places can be doubled, such as rural tourism, managing community halls, sports, GAA club grounds, and services for old and disabled people, whch will all benefit.

“We must create a better future for the jobless of Westmeath. This is an opportunity to upskill and keep people in the work force while benefiting the communities. People will receive €220 per week instead of Job Seekers Allowance and will have to work 19 allotted hours every week.”


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