€100 for failing to pay fine

A Mullingar man who said he tried to pay a fine for a parking offence at an address which was incorrectly spelled on the fine notice has been asked to make a payment of €100.

Anthony Dinnegan of Macetown, Cloughan, Mullingar told Judge Timothy Lucey that “I had tried to pay the bill but they didn’t know where it was,” when accused of parking on the footpath at Fail Hill in Mullingar instead of Jail Hill.

There was no one in the vehicle at the time the offence was noted by Garda Toinette Kerins who admitted there had been a misprint on the documentation.

“When I went up to pay it, the name didn’t exist,” Mr Dinnegan said after he “got the thing in the post”.

“The people who take the money don’t care where it is,” replied the judge.

Mr Dinnegan said “I got my wife to go in and pay it,” however she came back because she had been unable to do so.

Because Mr Dinnegan agreed the facts of the case, that he had been parked on the footpath, he was asked to make a payment of €100.


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