Fine for no insurance

A woman who claimed she misread letters which came advising her that she didn’t have insurance because she is dyslexic has retained her driving licence.

Anna Cranley of Fenor Cross, Collinstown was not in court when her case was originally dealt with on September 17.

Mr Louis Kiernan said she hadn’t received the summons. Judge Lucey set aside the conviction order made on that day and heard the case again.

Mr Kiernan said his client, who works in the equestrian industry, thought she was insured but the 24-year-old misread letters which came to her home advising her that her policy had lapsed.

“It’s not a good scene generally, that business of paying by instalments. It causes more trouble,” commented the judge.

A former heroin addict, she has been clean for five years following treatment at the Rutland Centre.

She was fined €250 but was allowed to keep her licence because she travels a lot for work.


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