Sun shines on Ardilaun with long awaited grass cutting

The June sun is shining and summer is on the brink of arrival. Some would think the people of Mullingar would be in a state of near euphoria. However, up until very recently that was not the case in the Ardilaun estates on the C-Link road.

The Ardilaun Residents Association, which held a meeting on May 7, brought a number of pressing issues to the table, not least the appearance of the front of the large estate.

Jane Slevin, chairperson of the Ardilaun Residents Association explains; “The estate has over 250 houses and many people bought these houses in the boom times. We would like to think that with the sum of money paid to the developer he would at least have the manners to look after the estate until such time as the council takes it over.

“We, with the help of the council, have been trying for some months now to contact the developer to cut the grass at the front of the estate. For the past year it has been a real eyesore. Children can't even use it to kick around a football. It's a disgrace.”

However, since the well-attended meeting, there has been progress, and the grass was finally cut by the developer, following an undertaking by Cllr Ken Glynn at the meeting to contact the developer.

“There were a number of comments regarding the length of the grass and Cllr Glynn took note,” says Ms Slevin. “I have since been contacted by him and the grass was cut on Thursday, May 28. I appreciate that this is local election time and all councillors are looking for votes but Cllr Glynn has really come through for the Ardilaun estates on many occasions and I know that many residents will be voicing their opinion at the poll booths.”

Fergal Hingerty, chairperson of the Mullingar West Community Council also voiced his gratitude, saying Cllr Glynn has been a constant source of information and support to residents on the C-Link road.

Welcoming the move, Cllr Glynn said he had been chasing both the council and the developer for a number of months.

“I distributed a letter in the estate to inform residents of the situation regarding grass cutting. It is great to see it finally being done but I won’t get too excited until I see the developer out again in a few weeks. Unitil the estate is taken in charge it is his job.”

A litter pick up, being held on Sunday June 7, is next on the agenda for the residents association, who are looking forward to seeing as many people as possible helping out. If any residents would like to get involved then please contact the association by email at [email protected].


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