Second-time drink driver ‘hasn’t learned anything’ — judge

Judge Neilan told a man whom he convicted of his second drink driving offence that “you haven’t learned anything”.

He was speaking to Patrick Donlon of Bolandstown, Delvin who pleaded guilty to having 66mg alcohol/100ml breath after being stopped by Gardaí at Delvin on May 20.

The 54-year-old single man, who lives with his elderly mother on isolated farmland, was extremely remorseful, Ms Deirdre O’Connell told the court on his behalf.

He was arrested within a half mile of his home and he told the court he had no excuse for his behaviour, that he was familiar with drink driving campaigns and road deaths.

“I know I was wrong. I guarantee it won’t happen again,” said the man, who was granted a postponement to September to allow him make silage on his farm.

His previous conviction dates back to 1992.



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