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Clodagh Reynolds
Personal development and style consultant at CR Coaching

Clodagh Reynolds Personal development and style consultant at CR Coaching

Don’t know where to start in a clothes shop, find revamping your wardrobe a daunting task, or got the goals but need the guidance? Then CR Coaching for life and business may be a good place to start.

Clodagh Reynolds, who is originally from Dublin but who moved to Connemara back in 1979, set up CR Coaching in November 2007 with the idea of having life coaching for women and for men as well.

Always passionate about the idea of helping people, Clodagh, decided to do something about it and began with a Back To College course in 2005. She then completed a coarse in life and business coaching with the ILI (Irish Lifecoach Institute ) based in Dublin and also a beauty therapy and massage course with Georgina Price College of Beauty Therapy here in Galway.

“I knew I wanted to do something to help people and driving to Connemara one day it just clicked - help people through life’s problems and difficulties to achieve anything, their look, their style and goals,” she said.

One of the services provided by CR Coaching is life design for women and for men. Clodagh explains that there are many who “want to find their own identity, and to reconnect with their true selves”. By giving encouragement, guidance, and motivation Clodagh will help uncover what your goals are and how best to realise them. These goals can be improvements in relationships, finding a job, or just getting up and going to the gym.

The image consultancy side of the business is very popular, said Clodagh as there’s a lot of women, and men, who want to know how to manage their wardrobe, how to wear their clothes, and achieve a “cost effective result”.

“Some women, especially in their 40s to 50s, lose themselves. They want to find a way to get a new lease on life, get back to the work place, and realise their goals. I help to co-ordinate their grooming with their life skills. Everyone needs someone to motivate them.

“We sometimes spend so much money on clothes but only wear about 80 per cent of them. You can end up wearing the same rig out all the time and not the right colours. A lot of women come here because they are lacking in confidence and self esteem. So I combine a bit of life coaching and style consultancy to help.”

Clodagh was keen to stress that CR Coaching is there to help motivate men as well. She said that there are so many men out there that are not married or are divorced who also want to look good and dress to impress.

For more information contact Clodagh Reynolds, CR Coaching, on 091-445139/087-2328235 or you can email [email protected] or log onto


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