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Strange Brew 666th Night

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THE BOOK Of Revelations 13:18 declares: "Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six."

Strange Brew’s 555th night

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FOR 11 years Strange Brew has championed “indie beats, alternative rock and good vibrations” and this month it celebrates it’s 555th night.

The cream of indie for Strange Brew

THREE OF the most exciting Irish indie bands - one from Dublin, one from Tuam, the other from Donegal - play Strange Brew at the Róisín Dubh on Thursday March 7.

FMC Tour comes to Róisín Dubh

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THREE OF the most exciting Irish indie bands - Squarehead, We Cut Corners, and The Lost Brothers, play Strange Brew at the Róisín Dubh on Thursday November 1.

Two chances to see Tieranniesaur

TIERANNIESAUR, ONE of the most exciting new Irish indie bands, will play two shows at the Róisín Dubh this weekend.

Rural Savage to launch debut album at Róisín Dubh

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I FELL In The Bog And Saw God, the dramatically titled debut album by Donegal/Galway trio Rural Savage will be launched with a show at the Róisín Dubh on Saturday.

Squarehead for Strange Brew

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WHEN DUBLIN trio Squarehead released their debut album Yeah Nothing on Richter Collective last autumn, it was the announcement that something special had arrived.

Jape to celebrate Róisín Dubh’s seventh birthday

IT HAS been seven years since Gugai, Kevin Healy, et al, took over the Róisín Dubh and in that time it has become one of the finest music and comedy venues in the country.

Squarehead - bringing the surf-rock vibe to town

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SIXTIES STYLED vocal harmonies and upbeat, chirpy, and melodic old skool indie combine in the nicest way in the music of Dublin band Squarehead.

On The Record Christmas party @ Róisín Dubh

THE IRISH Times music column On The Record holds its Christmas Party at Strange Brew in the Róisín Dubh tonight from 8pm.

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