Renault double scrappage pays dividends

Renault Ireland, which introduced a scrappage scheme last September, is now offering a double scrappage (Renault and Government ) on cars aged 10 years and older. It also offers up to €3,300 trade-in allowance on any brand, year, make or model.

In addition Renault has extended the €1,500 scrappage plus up to €3,300 trade-in allowance on cars eight years or older.

Eric Basset, managing director of Renault Ireland, says: “The Renault scrappage scheme, coupled with the government scrappage, has certainly shown an improvement in orders for 2010. Renault is being innovative in extending the scrappage deal to cars over eight years.”

After the first 10 days of the 2010 Irish new car market, Renault had moved up to fourth place, so their aggressive pricing and marketing certainly appears to be paying dividends.

Renault Grand Megane launched

Renault’s popular Megane family has been boosted by the arrival of the keenly-priced Grand Mégane, which it says is the future of the estate car.

In order to deliver both responsive and secure handling, Renault says the Grand Megane has a perfectly balanced chassis and precise steering, and together with a range of high performance economical and ecological engines, is the ultimate combination of practicality, design, technology, and the perfect blend of space and style.

Three levels of specifications are available in the new Grand Megane: Royale, Dynamique and TomTom (with built-in TomTom sat nav ).

Renault says the Grand Megane is a great deal in the current economic climate, with value for money a key priority for purchasers. From €14,800 (includes Government scrappage and Renault’s extended scrappage plus deal ) for the Royale 1.5dCi 86 and with lowest annual road tax of €104, Grand Mégane beats the competitors.

Renault now offers three Megane models at one price - the hatch, coupe or Grand Megane from €14,800. Again this includes Government scrappage and Renault’s extended scrappage plus trade-in allowance.



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