Almac Group takes control of Arran Chemical Company

Almac Group, the global contract development and manufacturing organisation, announced the acquisition of 100 per cent shares of Athlone-based Arran Chemical Company this week.

The addition of the company marks a new chapter in Almac’s continuous growth. With this significant increase in scale (a range of reactors up to 6,300 litres and a total capacity of up to 45 cubic metres ) the new combined business will integrate biocatalysis technology with large scale intermediates manufacture.

Located in County Roscommon, just two hours away from Almac Group’s headquarters, the existing Arran Chemical Company specialises in the manufacture of products for the pharmaceutical, flavour/fragrance, personal care, and other specialised chemical and industrial applications.

Both companies have more than 25 years experience and have been working together closely on multiple projects over the past five years. The bespoke facility offers a full range of scales including kg lab, multi-purpose pilot plant, and manufacturing plant. Arran’s assets strongly complement Almac Sciences’ existing business and will allow both entities to continue growing in their respective markets.

“This is a very exciting opportunity for both Almac and Arran Chemical Company.” said Dr Stephen Barr, managing director at Almac Sciences. “Based on our combined strength, scale, and technology, we will offer commercial products and pharmaceutical intermediates using our current world-leading Biocatalysis technology platform enabling us to address our global clients’ growing demands for a high quality, integrated, efficient service, and we are delighted to be able to support our clients in this way.”

Anthony Owens, managing director at Arran Chemical Company commented: “We are very pleased with this significant development which enables us to continue to deliver high quality products to our global customer base in addition to offering a broader range of solutions. 

“This move builds on our established presence in the industry and we look forward to merging our expertise and experience with Almac’s undoubted success to match the increasing requirements of customers across the whole spectrum of the industry.”



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