Why do you need a business coach?

There is some confusion in the business community about the role of a business coach.

One perception is that a business coach visits a business, gives advice and then leaves. In other words, they come in the door and tell managers and owners how best to run their own business. If you have had experience of this in the past, then you have not hired a real business coach.

Remember, nobody knows a business better than the owner themselves. A business coach will work with owners and managers to set out a clear plan aimed at achieving certain goals.

Examples of some of the goals businesses are interested in achieving include: Increasing their customer base; boosting turnover and profit; improving staff performance; making the business run more efficiently; expanding or up-scaling their business, and opening new outlets.

In the relationship between the coach and you, the business owner, the former has a number of responsibilities, including:

Observing, listening and asking probing questions to help clarify the goal or outcome you want to achieve.

Maintaining constant and unconditional support, and being non-judgmental of your goals and business aspirations.

Using questioning techniques and tools to facilitate your thought process.

Providing you with different perspectives to consider.

Helping to formulate an action plan to achieve goals and methods of assessing progress.

Encouraging you to be fully committed to the action plan and holding you accountable as it is being executed.

If you are seeking to follow through on your goals and grow your business, call Pádraig O’Connor on (087 ) 7058989 or email [email protected]. Make your goal a reality.



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