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Who stole the magic of Christmas?

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I am a self-confessed Christmas lover. I love the lights, the decorations, the atmosphere and dare I say it, the Christmas tunes. I have always loved Christmas, from when I was a small child with visions of Santa etched into my imagination nibbling my way through a selection box, to an adult who every year looks forward to catching up with old friends and family and indulging in too many glasses of mulled wine and that guilt-free calorific Christmas dinner.

Ditch the Brand

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Have you ever had a birthday coming up and been asked by your significant other, parents or children what you would like as a gift? Have you ever felt like you should get the latest handbag, watch or boot made by the designer of the moment (hello Mr Kors), not because you absolutely adored the design, but because you felt it was the “in” thing? Of course you have.

Beware of the Small Boutique

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What is it about entering small retailers that makes us a little uneasy? Perhaps I should rephrase: what is it about exiting small retailers empty-handed that makes us feel dreadfully uncomfortable and apologetic? Why does this discomfort sometimes turn us off even entering small shops and boutiques in the first place?


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