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A captivating new season at leading arts centre

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The Linenhall Arts Centre have released their multifaceted Autumn and Winter programme of live events from September to December 2022 with their latest brochure.

Exciting season in prospect as Athlone Little Theatre launches programme of events

“There's theatre in life, obviously, and there's life in theatre,” so said novelist and filmmaker Charlie Kaufman.

Horse trading in Eyre Square

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One of the earliest associations of Eyre Square with the horse was the jousting competitions that went on there in the middle ages. There were also horse fairs held in the Square where one could buy and sell horses, these were usually held outside the railings and on the streets. Before motorised machinery was invented, the horse provided people with their main type of transport: the work horse was an invaluable part of the farm used to pull the plough or haul the farmer and his cartload of produce into town. Horse racing was always a popular sport and the first Galway Horse Show was held in the Square in 1892.

Bankruptcy and scandal plagued the brilliant Wilde family

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‘Westward Ho! Let us rise with the sun, and be off to the land of the west - to the lakes and streams - the grassy glens and fern-clad gorges - the bluff hills and rugged mountains - now cloud-capped, then revealed in azure, or bronzed by evening’s tints, as the light of day sinks into the bold swell of the Atlantic….’

A love note to Galway - Partland’s lastest single

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Galway-based singer songwriter and artist Thomas McPartland has released his latest single from upcoming album 'The Empty Atlantic'.

Tobar Éanna, St Enda’s Well, Barna Woods

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In many cases, ancient folklore linked holy wells with a god, a goddess, a mythical creature, or a serpent; they were places of pagan worship which were at odds with Christianity. Ever since medieval times, efforts have been made to stop well-worshipping and to Christianise them. Many townlands have a water source that has been marked out for special devotion, most of them being allied to a particular saint. These are usually sanctuaries within the landscape, threshold sites that enable us to step back from the hullabaloo of daily existence and allow us to access something grander and otherworldly, something infinite and unknown.

Tenth annual Féile na bhFlaitheartach to focus on the O’Flaherty brothers and the Irish Free State

The Liam and Tom O’Flaherty Society will hold its 10th annual Féile na bhFlaitheartach on Inis Mór during the last weekend in August. The two-day bilingual festival, on Saturday August 27 and Sunday August 28, celebrates the island’s world famous novelist Liam O’Flaherty and his notable brother, the journalist Tom O’Flaherty.

The woman at the door of Tyrone House

On the afternoon of March 18 1912, Violet Martin and her friend Tilly Redington, arrived at the door of Tyrone House, the home of the less than ordinary St George family. The three storey house, in the luxurious Palladian style, and said to be sumptuously decorated inside, is dramatically located by the estuary of the Kilcolgan river, about 2 miles distant from Kilcolgan village.

‘The peasantry are the foundation of the world - the upper classes get worn out’

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In the decades preceding the 1916 Rising, an extraordinary revolution had already taken place in rural Ireland. The British government had lost its patience with Irish landlords who owned 95 per cent of the land of Ireland (100 percent of county Galway was landlord owned), and had largely squandered their wealth leaving themselves vulnerable to poor harvests, successive seasons of bad weather, and an increasingly impoverished tenantry.

Connection, compassion and adventure in Finding Victoria

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Parenting small children can be challenging at the best of times. There are hundreds of books out there listing things for parents to do, but what happens when you’re in the real world, and things don’t go as planned?


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