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Stop food waste and save €60 a month

Westmeath County Council is challenging Westmeath householders to reduce their food waste by a quarter under the Stop Food Waste Challenge.

Reducing food waste could save €60 a month

Householders who reduce their food waste by 25 per cent could save as much as €60 a month on their bills.

New laws on binning food could reduce waste

A new regulation coming into effect on Tuesday could help householders in Castlebar and Ballina cut down on the thousands of euros of food that is being binned each year.

Enjoy all your favourite Asian dishes at Bodkin Point

Bodkin Point, Galway's only buffet-style Chinese restaurant (as far as I know, but correct me if I'm wrong) is situated at Galway Shopping Centre, and it certainly serves up quite a feast. Choose your table, join the queue, and fill your plate from a selection of Asian dishes. Favourites such as spring rolls, sweet and sour chicken, and pot stickers sit alongside popular exotic eats including sushi and chicken satay.

Mixt Greens, Newcastle Road

Mixt Greens is a very ambitious food outlet but one which I think may make its mark over time. I say ambitious because when anyone in Ireland starts something new it can take a while before the public gets the full picture. The owner advertises it as an eco restaurant, and while almost everyone praises all things eco we can be quite slow to change our non-eco eating habits. We also know that a healthy diet is beneficial to our overall health, however when it comes to lunch time old habits die hard, ie, lashing into something less healthy with loads of chips, etc.


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