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Two Mayo Natives Scoop Prestigious Fulbright Award

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Thirty-seven Fulbright Awardees were officially announced at an event on MS The World, which was sponsored by a US Fulbright alumnus, Dr Jack Pinkowski and his wife Monica Pinkowski, as part of The Gathering on July 12. Since 1957, the Fulbright Awards are given annually by the Irish and US governments and provide Irish students, scholars, and professionals with the opportunity to study, lecture, and research at top universities and institutions throughout the United States.

The advantages of arnica

Do you suffer from muscular aches, pain, stiffness, sprains, or bruises? Vogel Atrogel arnica gel could be the answer, especially for those who prefer a natural, organic product. Arnica has been used for many years to ease the symptoms of muscular aches, pains and stiffness, sprains, bruises, and swelling after injury.


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