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What have the Scots ever done for us?

Next week when the Scots go to the polls to vote whether to stay or nay, there'll be mixed feelings on this side of the country. We might have watched with pride the exploits of Mel Gibson as William Wallace, roaring on his compatriots (all of whom looked like Brendan Gleeson) in the battle against the Sassanach in Braveheart; we might have found ourselves running down that street with Ewan McGregor in the opening of Trainspotting; we might have found ourselves singing in the street at 4am to the lyrics of The Proclaimers; we probably roared on Archie Gemmill when he scored that wonder goal against the Dutch in the '78 World Cup, but here in Galway, there is only one thing that we have not yet forgiven the Scots for — and that's the stealing of Digital.

Tricksters, undemonstrative fathers, and other stories...

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I wonder would the following story still happen in Galway today. It happened in more innocent times, in the early 1960s. A very upper class gentleman, Major Woodfall Murphy, rented Bermingham House, the great 18th century pile once owned by the barons of Athenry, on the outskirts of Tuam. The genuinely snobby Lady Molly Cusack Smith, who owned the pile, was only too glad with the promised extra lolly. To the outsider it all felt hunky-dory: One snob helping another.

London calling — a century since a monarch’s visit — Mind the gap

Smoke-filled room, Leinster House. Wednesday evening. Around teatime— Testing wan, two three. Let the meeting of the Cabinet begin. Say the prayer, Tanaiste.

Anyone for a new dictatorship?

Looking at the Greek riots you’d wonder why there are no decent riots here in Ireland. We had the so called ‘storming of the Dáil’ earlier in the week but it was much ado about nothing. Apparently we’re a lot better off than Greece, sure aren’t we giving them a big loan. The fact that we don’t have the money ourselves and have had to borrow the money to lend it to them is only a minor detail.

Newton Faulkner’s boisterous method of playing

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DREADLOCKED ACOUSTIC guitarist Newton Faulkner started his music journey in a Green Day cover band but he soon found his own voice and his unique style of guitar playing.

Folan ready for Beijing

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A sportsperson’s life comes with few guarantees. Toil and taxing tests are inevitable so now as Beijing edges closer all the diligent preparation will finally be afforded a thrilling reward. Regardless of how the Irish heavyweight crew fare for the rest of Cormac Folan’s days the sense of achievement that participating at the Olympics brings will provide a chunk of comfort.

Irish rack up the highest minibar bills in Europe

Sixty six per cent of Irish admit to raiding the hotel minibar while on holiday

Irish retain title as biggest spenders in Europe on hotel stays

The Irish have topped the list as Europe’s biggest spenders on hotels when they leave their own country, according to the latest figures for Q4 2008 released in the Hotel Price Index (HPI). The HPI is a survey of hotel prices in major city destinations across the world based on bookings made on

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