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The Dohertys of Carrigan were not ‘land-grabbers’

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Galway Diary received the following statement from Adrian Martyn (great-great-great grandnephew of Peter Doherty, senior), who was shot dead at Carrigan, near Craughwell village on the night of November 2 1881. I am pleased to carry Adrian’s clarification:

Galway woman to undertake marathon cycle for rugby charity

Galway performance psychologist Marguerite Tonery is to undertake a marathon 1,000km cycle in New Zealand in order to raise funds for the IRFU Charitable Trust.

Let’s get Taoiseach’d

There are innumerable words for having had too much to drink, such as hammered, sloshed, wasted, and blotto. Now to this lexicon of debauchery we can add ‘Taoiseach’d’.


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