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Galway projects win at all-Ireland community awards

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Galway community projects were honoured at the the all-Ireland Pride of Place community awards on Monday evening (May 16) in Killarney.

Galway Sinn Fein played key role in Stormont election success

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Galway Sinn Féin headed North for the Stormont election. As an all-Ireland party this weekend solidarity is the norm.

Two worlds collide as Kilbane releases 'Amazing Grace/House of the Rising Sun'

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Achill’s James Kilbane is back with a bang and has released an exciting new version of a traditional hymn, but with an exceptionally shady twist

Your essential guide to fartlek training

Looking to introduce some speed work into your running - Fartlek training could be just the thing you need to help you mix up your training.

Christmas dining with a contemporary twist

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The festive season is a time for tradition but there is never just one manner in which to decorate your Christmas dining table.

Six surprising things that could ruin your run

Are you failing to get better at running? There are plenty of hidden pitfalls that you can fall into that can stall your running progress. Here are some things that could well be ruining your run.

Three things for runners to consider when including gym work into their schedule

When considering adding gym work or Pilates into your schedule it is first important to ask, what is the benefit? It can be difficult enough to find time for running, yet alone supplementary training, so it is important to ask if it is worth it. As a runner in his mid-thirties who ran sub 14 minutes for 5k and sub eight for 3k this year, I would say yes. I have seen two main benefits from doing gym and Pilates that make them an essential part of my routine.

New vegetables to prepare, sow and harvest as spooky season imminently arrives

Spooky season is finally upon us and a new month means new vegetables to sow and plenty to harvest.

Six issues which could ruin your run that may surprise you

Failing to get better at running?

New vegetables to sow and harvest as spooky season is imminent

Spooky season is finally upon us and a new month means new vegetables to sow and plenty to harvest.


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