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The state of the nation

In France, there is a distinctive culture of French food that is undeniable, food made with pride, using exquisite ingredients and techniques. There are world renowned culinary schools and regional specialities. To not experience the food, is to not truly experience France. Produce is affordable and accessible. Food is part of French life in a natural way, a country with strong rural traditions and great respect for food from the farm.

Athlone Nutrition Clinic – food as medicine

Worldwide trend predictions for 2012 are that people are going to start taking greater responsibility for their health via nutritional means. 2011 saw a major shift back to quality food with families and individuals growing their own vegetables and herbs and small food producers thriving. In fact, high quality foods emerged as one of the big success stories of the past year. Consumers are once again viewing food for its medicinal qualities as well as its taste value.

Health on a plate

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Do you sometimes despair about ever getting your family to eat healthy foods? You make all the effort and stock up on fresh fruit and vegetables yet they invariably turn up their noses at your offerings.

New Year’s resolutions for foodies

New Year’s resolutions are a bit like cooking a perfect soufflé, lots of thought and preparation go in to the making but the result is often less than hoped for. However, on the assumption that some good might come from said resolutions, then it is perhaps worth putting pen to paper. I am listing here some which might be worth consideration and also my fantasy resolutions for 2011.

Good gut health

A shocking 20 per cent of Irish people say that they would wait until a gut health problem became too painful to bear before seeking medical attention, according to research conducted by probiotic expert Yakult. The research also revealed that a worrying 74 per cent of Irish people are unlikely to talk to their doctor about a gut related problem. In response to this, Yakult has launched a nationwide New-Year campaign to raise awareness of the importance of good gut health.

Celebrity chefs — are they losing their appeal?

I may be wrong, but I get the impression that the adoration being heaped on certain chefs may be starting to wane. Perhaps it is the recession; perhaps it is the stories of Gordon Ramsay’s empire in disarray, or perhaps we are just sick of them. I am all for promoting better cooking, better eating, and buying the best local produce, but realistically how many people actually ever cook anything they see demonstrated on television? It is a bit like watching reality TV, except you are watching someone cook rather than wander about a house.

Make your own marshmallows

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One of the great things about food is there’s always something new around the corner, be it a vegetable or exciting newly introduced seafood or meat. Food and its variety are truly infinite. But often even better than finding a new culinary experience is rediscovering an old one.


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