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Green and red of Mayo could be ringing out from the White House

Martin O’Malley, the Governor of the US state of Maryland, who is being increasingly tipped as a possible White House contender in 2016, has strong Mayo connections.

Comeback kid intends to fight to the end

He has been written off not once, but twice, already in this presidential election, but Independent candidate David Norris is in the race until the bitter end.

Anti-Norris website has Mayo links

With the presidential election only weeks away and the campaign in full swing all sides are getting their arguments across through all possible mediums. One group, Campaign For Conscience, who were strong opponents of the recently passed Civil Partnership Bill, launched their own anti-David Norris website at th end of last year. The website can be found at the misleading web address of

Presidential candidates lobby council for support

In a week that has seen the presidential race gather pace with the addition of three high profile candidates, three more hopefuls put their case to Kilkenny County Council.

Norris should extend his resignation to the Seanad

Whether there was a witch hunt out for him from the start or not, what he did was wrong and inexcusable.

Digging the dirt on Michael D — next stop for the Men in Black?

As the conspirators spit on their lands and rub them together with glee at the success of the campaign to oust David Norris esq from the presidential race, no doubt they are licking their lips at the prospect of trawling the world to find out the dirt on Michael D. Having failed to besmirch him with the notion that it was his camp that set out to shaft Norris with allegations and letters and incidents that went back ages but which were out-ed now, the focus of the Men in Black is turned westward.

Tales from the Upper House

Austerity, reform, what do these words mean? Check out Roscommon Hospital.

Michael D Higgins on the campaign trail in Kilkenny

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Irish presidential hopeful Michael D Higgins visited Kilkenny city last week, as he prepared to address the annual opening of the Labour Party’s Tom Johnson Summer School.

America’s ‘wittiest political journalist’ to speak at NUIG

When Barack Obama made his victory speech after last week’s US presidential election, he said: “Change has come to America”.


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