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The sombre apocalypse

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Lockdown started in Spain on March 14 but I had already stopped working by then after a client cancelled an English class to tell me that he had been in contact with people who were believed to have tested positive for Covid-19.

An affair to remember

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‘Dearest beloved - It is such a beautiful morning that you ought to be here and we should be walking in the garden …and if we were, what more should we do where the bushes hid us?’ These intimate words were written by the British politician, later prime minister, Ramsey MacDonald, to Lady Margaret Sackville whose initials are on the famous autograph tree at Coole.

Brady gets the Laochra Gael treatment

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If you missed it last night, this evening (Friday, April 3) you will have another chance at 11.10pm on TG4 to catch Laochra Gael's hour long show on Mayo legend David Brady.

We might get an FF/FG coalition, but is it really what Ireland needs?

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Today, the 33rd Dáil meets for the second time, and again, no taoiseach will be elected and the process of government formation will continue for the coming weeks.

'After a general election it's always a numbers game'

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He is loved and loathed in equal measure. He is controversial and hugely popular politician. His statements about African migrants being "spongers" disgusted many. This election was his best performance to date.

Chambers is eager to keep working for Mayo

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General Election 2020 will mark the third time that Lisa Chambers has put herself before the people of Mayo in a general election - yet it all still feels very new to her, Chambers told the Mayo Advertiser this week: "I suppose, going back it was just 11 years ago when I joined Fianna Fáil and we were just talking about it with my team and I still feel very new, even though I am the best part of ten years in politics - I contested my first election in 2011 - you are learning all the time."

McHugh is ready to raise the greens flag in Mayo

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The Green Party in Mayo have never really made a dent when the votes have been counted up in general elections in the past; going back over the past five general elections in the county the party have been able to muster a total of just 3,082 first preference votes - the single best performance by a candidate for the party in those elections came back in 1997 when Ann Crowley got 938 number ones or 1.5 per cent of the total.

First month of decade has been an ugly one

It has been an ugly start to the New Year. As the first month draws to a close, we are not filled with the optimism that comes with the unfurling of the daffodil blooms; our hearts are not pumped with the warmth of the setting sun that stays with us just a little longer every day. The spring that should drag us out of the end in the morning is less taut, as the realities of the days ahead and past sit on our chests.

FG v FF - who will dominate Galway West after Election 2020?

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There are 15 days to the UK general election, and as much of a feast as it is for political anoraks like Insider, and as much as he will enjoy binge-watching the coverage on BBC and Channel 4, it is at the front of his mind that the Irish General Election is itself, only months away.

Why social media is negatively affecting the quality of our politicians

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We live in a fast-changing world. The pace of this change seems to be increasing all the time. Technology is the main driver of this, in particular, phone technology.


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