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Galway University? a ‘godless College’

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After Catholic Emancipation where for the first time Catholics won the right to be elected and to sit in the House Of Commons, the English government, led by an enlightened Robert Peel, believed it would be worth extending emancipation to third level education.

Galway - ‘The only city that raised a statue to an author’

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During the first 20 years of the 19th century Maria Edgeworth was the most successful and celebrated living novelist. With her friends Sir Culling Smith and his lady wife they had travelled from Edgeworthstown, Co Longford, to Galway, and from there they planned a leisurely holiday in Connemara.

New technique to help women find their voice in workplace lauded by Galway senator

A new technique designed to give women a voice in the workplace has been successfully utilised by Galway Senator Pauline O’Reilly in the Oireachtas.


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Current Car — Fans of the Inbetweeners TV series and movies might be mistaken for thinking Deputy Naughton’s latest job title as Government Chief Whip refers to her ministerial car, alas it doesn’t. The Oranmore native drives her own modest eco-friendly KIA Nero and admits she had very little interest in cars. Hildegarde’s first set of wheels was an Opel Corsa, purchased from her mother, later to be traded for an Opel Astra.

Let us not force our politicians to avoid public engagement

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I don’t think that our politicians should have to alter their footwear in the morning to ensure they are wearing something comfortable to enable them to make a quick getaway.

DRIVING HISTORY: Where we take a journey through someone’s driving past

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Current Car — Cllr Maher currently drives a Opel Insignia, it’s the reliable workhorse for many a sales rep, offering comfort and dependability for high milers. It also belies the surprising history and ambition of the Loughrea area councillor. His first car was an Austin Allegro back in the late 70s or early 80s. It was in the ‘ ZIM days’ he remembers, bought second hand and served him for a couple of years before being traded for a Ford. Working for Musgraves at the time, Michael progressed to a brand new Jaguar and a Merc he fell in love with .

Ireland's youngest MEP making waves in Brussels

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I have been on many of these trips over the decades, but maybe it's age, or maybe it's the lack of proximity since the last one, but this visit of work seems the most interesting. Most trips over the years have been dominated by agriculture or fishing, and while both are still firmly on the agenda, the menu of topics for the European project has greatly expanded in the past few years, the past few months and the past few days.

Maria Moynihan-Lee, producer of the Galway Christmas Market

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It is fitting that the person responsible for transforming Eyre Square into a winter wonderland each Christmas enjoys the season of giving all year round, behind the wheel of her Christmas present. Maria Moynihan Lee, MD of Milestone Inventive is the proud owner of a 1975 BMW 525 Automatic —A present from her husband.

A lone figure at Bohermore cemetery

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William Joyce recorded his final broadcast on April 30 1945 as the last great battle of the war raged. Russian troops, after a desperate struggle, finally wrenched Berlin from the grip of the Nazis. The once great city was then little more than streets of rubble. In an iconic World War II photograph Soviet troops fly the Soviet flag over the Reichstag May 2 1945.

O’Loughlin’s cavalry protected the king

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The arrival of British royalty on Irish shores in recent times, is usually greeted with genuine interest and curiosity, and a sense of welcome and respect, while extreme nationalists have to grin and bear it.


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