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'Yo-yo dieting was controlling my life – I knew I had to make some changes'

"I was tired, frustrated, and emotionally drained from the repetitive, negative cycle of yo-yo dieting I had created. I desperately wanted to establish balance and not let dieting run my life.

'My job is now so varied and rewarding'

Despite already being qualified as a nutritionist, I felt something was missing and there was more I needed to learn to expand my knowledge and advance my career.

'My child’s health inspired my new career in nutrition'

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I decided to study nutrition at CNM after experiencing the impact diet changes had on my little girl’s health. She was very poorly between the age of one and three, with frequent trips to the hospital due to recurrent chest infections and asthma-like symptoms. She was prescribed corticosteroids, antibiotics, and a variety of inhalers, but I was frustrated at simply managing my daughter’s symptoms with medication and not actually seeing any progress in her health. We received no nutritional or lifestyle advice.

Westmeath venue to host hormone health talk

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Following the success of their hormone health campaign for women over 40 last year and to coincide with World Menopause Day on October 18, Cleanmarine is delighted to announce a hormone health talk in Mullingar next month to encourage women across the county to start their own conversation on hormone health.

‘CNM’s holistic ethos and hands-on approach appealed to me’

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After a career in banking I decided to follow my passion helping people support their bodies and avoid potential health problems.

The CNM course is a very worthwhile experience

I found my CNM studies comprehensive, enjoyable, and affirming, and loved my three years of training in naturopathic nutrition. CNM is a combination of hopeful endeavour and academic excellence which makes it a very worthwhile experience.

Find out what foods are making you sick, tired, and overweight through food intolerance testing

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What foods turn off your metabolism? The Health and Nutrition Coach offers blood analysis to help you find out.

CNM has launched my career change — I have clients on six of the seven continents

I honestly went back to school to learn about the body so I could fix me. Now my life is all about preventing my fate for the millions of children prescribed steroids for eczema at a very early age.

I combined my scientific career with natural medicine and founded my own company

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I graduated from CNM in nutrition, naturopathy, and herbal medicine. CNM was my first college of choice because it provided a comprehensive academic programme with practical hands-on clinic experience, while allowing me to complete it while working full-time as a post-doctoral researcher. Also, CNM courses are recognised and accredited internationally.

From crutches to triathlon

I was a county gymnast at 19 when my knee swelled up. I could only walk with crutches. Over the next 20 years I had six operations, took heavy painkillers, and was often bed-ridden with pain. After the sixth operation my consultant said, “No more operations, I’m referring you to the rheumatology clinic.”


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