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Cllr Keogh welcomes dog litter bins in the Monksland area

Local councillor John Keogh has welcomed new dog litter bins in the Monksland/Bealnamullia areas of Athlone. “I’m pleased to see that dog litter bins have been put up. I have been a long time trying to prevail on Roscommon County Council to put these up, thankfully it has now happened. Dog foul is extremely dangerous to young children and can cause a host of medical complaints... I hope that the erection of the dog litter bins will now encourage owners to clean up after their dogs,” he said.

You should be ashamed

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A community council member in the rural parish of Islandeady, between Castlebar and Westport, has hit out at the people behind the persistent and indiscriminate dumping that is destroying the scenic beauty of the area.

Database of Athlone homes needed to prevent dumping

The chairman of the Athlone Area committee is calling for greater action to be taken to deal with illegal dumping while protecting those who do follow the law.

Litter conviction for Ballina man

A 29-year-old man was convicted of illegal dumping during this week’s sitting of Ballina District Court.

Council letter asking about waste disposal found in pile of rubbish

An ESB bill which was thrown away in a pile of rubbish that was illegally dumped in the Carrowmore area led to the appearance of a Ballina man at Ballina District Court this week.

Ballina hospital staff failed to shred private patient records found in bin

Private patient records which were found in a bin in a Ballina housing estate in August were not shredded as they should have been according to policy set down by the HSE.

HSE slammed after patient records from Ballina hospital found in bin

“It’s shocking and sickening,” was the description that one woman gave to the Mayo Advertiser this week when she spoke about her anger at the medical records of a family member being found in a bin in a housing estate in Ballina.

Litter conviction for Ballyvary man

A man from Ballyvary was convicted at Castlebar District Court this week for illegally dumping litter.

Litter conviction after woman’s Social Welfare slips found

A woman was this week convicted at Ballina District Court for littering after her social welfare documents were found among a large amount of litter dumped in Carramore Lacken, Ballina.

Litter louts to clean up ‘their own filth’

A man and woman before Ballina District Court this week on litter charges were given the opportunity by Judge Mary Devins to escape a fine, if instead they cleaned up “their own filth”.


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