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AIT students and their E coli infested microwave

Students from AIT were featured on TV3’s Doctor in the House programme which aired earlier this week. The team met Conor, Padraig, Brian, and Paddy - all students in their 20s sharing a house in Athlone.

NUI Galway researchers identify enzyme which plays key role in spread of blood cancer cells

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Groundbreaking research being carried out at NUI Galway could lead to new ways of overcoming resistance to treatment for the blood cancer multiple myeloma.

Do you suffer from poor circulation?

Pharmacist Eamonn Brady from Whelehans Pharmacy in Mullingar explains that there is no specific condition called ‘poor circulation’. There are many different causes of poor circulation. Symptoms of these conditions vary from ‘cold hands’, pins and needles in hands and feet, numbness, varicose veins, leg cramps, a heavy feeling in the limbs, and swollen ankles, right up to very serious conditions such as leg ulcers, gangrene, kidney failure, and brain aneurisms.

Travellers encouraged to get checked as part of national heart health campaign

September is National Heart Month, and to mark the event the Irish Heart Foundation is holding a national blood pressure roadshow offering free blood pressure checks to community groups, the public, and Traveller organisations including the Galway Traveller Movement.

Do you suffer with circulation problems?

Did you know? We have 100,000 miles of blood vessels in a complex network throughout our body. Vascular disease includes any condition that affects your circulatory system including diseases of arteries, veins, and lymph vessels, as well as blood disorders that affect circulation. These include: peripheral artery disease, renal artery disease, varicose veins, venous blood clots, aneurism, Raynaud’s disease, peripheral venous disease, and erectile dysfunction.

Merlin Park based artist to explore realities of living with kidney failure

A short film focusing on daily exchanges between the patients and staff of the dialysis unit of Merlin Park Hospital will be screened in Galway as part of the TULCA 2010 visual arts festival.

Better blood pressure — how curves can help lower your blood pressure

Those who are overweight and who are able to lose 20 to 30 pounds can sometimes bring their blood pressure down without prescription medication. The Curves workout helps bring down blood pressure because it uses your major muscles and raises your heart rate.

Drugs awareness campaign

The HSE has unveiled a new national campaign on the dangers of legal and illegal drugs. The campaign is seeking to raise awareness of the dangers and significant negative mental and physical health effects that can be caused by these psychoactive substances.

Galway double transplant recipient gives birth to miracle baby

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FOR many people, avoiding a telephone call is a side-effect of a busy life, for many others, a telephone call is all that they are waiting for, because literally their lives depend on it. As you read this, there are 600 people in Ireland who are awaiting a transplant, and awaiting a telephone call to tell them that it could happen within hours.


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