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Confused about health insurance? Let Hennelly Finance help you

Every day of the week, we open the newspaper or turn on the radio and hear extensive debate about private health insurance.

Do pensions still make sense?

There is a lot of focus on the area of savings for retirement lately. Questions are being asked about the real value in having a pension when we finish working. This is very much an individual choice and one that needs to be addressed in a meaningful way, by all of us at some point. I believe we must plan for our own retirement as no one else will look after us in our non-working years. A pension remains the best way to do this. Here are my top eight reasons why pensions still make sense:

Top up your pension and make your tax bill smaller

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The question may be asked, what is all the fuss about pensions at this time of year? The answer is simple. By making a contribution into your pension before October 31, or November 15 for those who make tax returns online, you will qualify for tax relief on the amount you contribute, thus reducing the net cost to you.

Kick the habit and save with M&C Financial Services

If you kick the smoking habit you can actually save quite a lot of money on our life assurance, mortgage protection insurance, and serious illness cover. Most people are not aware of this, and even if you have stopped smoking, you may now qualify for much lower non-smoker rates.

How to save on your insurance

With many of us getting by on lower incomes, we’re all looking for better value for money. Today the need for competent, objective, financial guidance has never been greater. M&C Financial Services can offer you a range of top quality insurance packages with discounts to beat them all.


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